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Recycled Iron Briquettes (RiB)

Integral Solution for the Recovery of Iron Values from By-products of DR plants by cold briquetting and processing customized briquettes in the DR Reactor


Diproinduca has dependably and consistently processed, disposed of and sold more than 1.5 million tonnes per year of different by-products, such as EAF & BOF Slag, pellet fines, DRI fines, sludge and dusts, and mill scale. Our company’s management team includes operators experienced in the production of different types of briquettes. This know-how coupled with Diproinduca’s new advances in developing an improved metallurgical behaviour of briquettes, allow us to offer a product of excellent quality together with an efficient and verified production process.

Diproinduca cooperate in the marketing and sales of the RiB Technology, including Equipment Supply and Engineering services. Diproinduca has developed a proprietary technology that can support your business in its efforts to reduce DRI production cost. Diproinduca proposes the production of cold briquettes that we call Recycled iron Briquette (RiB) using iron ore fines from the iron ore pellets screens and iron fines from the sludge of sedimentation piles.

Recycled iron Briquettes

The Recycled iron Briquettes (RiB) has lower production cost compared with the present cost of the iron ore pellets, diminishing the contribution of the raw material cost in the DRI production at the DR plants.

Our technology is able to recover and recycle various by-products and produce a useable on-site product which improves a plant’s overall yield and saves the steel mill substantial amounts. The common practice in the industry is to see these by-products occupying valuable land at the steel mill, or selling them, at a low price, to the secondary marketplace. By substituting the much higher cost pellets with our RiB, we estimate important feedstock savings to your company, without a sacrifice in quality.

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