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Social & Environmental Responsibility

At Diproinduca, meeting the standards of environmental responsibility is at the core of our business culture. As a waste disposal, recycling, and repurposing company, we remove and process by-products while safely and fully observing local regulations – across the globe.


Research & Innovation

Committed to a global change towards to leading the charge toward sustainability and a circular economy, we are constantly innovating on our processes and procedures. We are also passionate about creating customized solutions that solve complex problems for our partners and clients from around the world.


Children’s Education & Drawing Contest

In 2010, we launched our annual drawing contest and every year we focus on a new theme related to the environment; and what better way to convey our philosophy, our DNA, to future generations than through creativity and healthy competition. We need to sow the seed of awareness and preservation of the environment so that a new generation can germinate with new concepts and new ideas, to change the course towards a more sustainable one, where our footprint as a species is positive.

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