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Our Team


“We have earned a reputation of responsibility and technical expertise with hard work, and, above all, by listening our customers, assuming that every generator is our partner, not only our client, with a common goal: to reduce the environmental impact of the iron and steel operations and to increase its profitability, by focusing on an area considered to be insignificant among the generator’s priorities”.
– Efraín Riera, CEO

Global Team

As a global business, Diproinduca has team members all over the world, in Couva, TRINIDAD – Monterrey, MEXICO – Puerto Ordaz, VENEZUELA – Bridgetown, BARBADOS – Concepción, CHILE – Medina, USA – Madrid, SPAIN.

office staff member

Extended Team Members

Each project requires working on very specific areas of expertise. Through strategic alliances, we add to our internal talent the expertise of companies specialized in other products such as cement and oily wastes, among others; as well as hydrodemolition, tank cleaning, sludge ponds processing, site decommissioning and remediation of soil.

Join Our Team!

Looking to apply to Diproinduca? Contact us today to learn more about our available positions across the globe.

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