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    Recovery & Recycling

    Maximizing the recycling of waste and by-products 
    and reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

As a by-product generator, you are likely aware of our industry’s pressure to increase the value of your by-products and decrease environmental impact. With a deep understanding of the potential of by-products, as well of how businesses can alter their practices to help preserve the environment, we apply unique processes to maximize the internal recycling of by-products, creating savings in raw material use, disposal, and logistic cost for companies such as yours.

Recycling Solutions

We take unwanted materials off your hands, put it to good use, and pay you for it. Here are some of the ways we actively recycle by-product materials across the globe:

For the Blast Furnace – BOF route:

  • Recover iron fines for sinter feed.
  • EcoBriq®: briquetting of by-products like oxide fines, mill scale, blast furnace dust, lime fines, C-scrap, coke breeze, and others to create a feedstock to be used in Blast Furnaces and/or BOF.
  • Recover A and B scrap from the steel and iron slag.
  • C-scrap concentration to be used as sinter feed.
  • Recover pellets, lumps, and coke from old waste accumulations.
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For the Direct Reduction – EAF Route:

  • Briquetting of oxide fines and DR pond sludge to produce a feedstock for the Direct Reduction module.
  • Briquetting of DRI fines to be used as a feedstock into the EAF.
  • Recovering of remets and HBI/DRI chips.
  • Recovering of DR pellets.
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Recovery Solutions

Not sure how to manage and recover your by-products? We are here to help. Diproinduca creates tailor-made solutions to recover and provide added value processes for the steel and iron industry. 

We specialize in the recovery of steel and iron by-products, either from the Blast Furnace – BOF route, or from the Direct Reduction – EAF route.

Quality Raw Materials:

  • DRI-C fines: for sinter feed use with high Fe and Fe metallic content.
  • Mill scale: for sinter feed use with high Fe and low impurities.
  • LD fines or C-scrap fines: for sinter feed use with high Fe metallic content.
  • Iron ore fines and lumps.
  • Iron units fines for use in the cement industry.
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For the Blast Furnace - BOF Route:

  • Oxide fines, pellet fines, or pellet chips.
  • Mill scale.
  • C-scrap or C-slag.
  • Coke breeze and nut.
  • Sinter feed.

For the Direct Reduction – EAF Route

  • DR-C by-product fines.
  • DRI fines and dusts.
  • DRI clarifier or pond sludge.
  • Oxide fines, pellet fines, or pellet chips.
  • Mill scale.
  • C-scrap or C-slag.
  • Sponge iron or DRI-B.
  • Hot Briquette Iron, HBI, or DRI-A.
  • HBI and DRI chips.
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Management & Logistics

We understand that one of your main challenges, as a by-product generator or consumer, is dealing with the operations and logistics of raw materials and waste recovery. That’s why we create customized solutions to segregate waste and by-products using efficient and creative operations and logistics.

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Customized Product Development

Our global team specializes in recovering value from environmental liabilities, and creating customized products that are designed through the recycling of recovered by-products that would have otherwise been deemed as “waste.”

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Global Trading

We build strategic alliances with companies that provide their expertise in a wide range of specialized areas. With our global presence, we can service your needs anywhere in the world.

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Recycled iron Briquettes (RiB)

Discover our innovative product solutions, including our Recycled iron Briquettes (RiB).

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