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    Customized Product Development

    We create customised products through the recycling of recovered 
    by-products that would have otherwise been deemed as “waste.”

By-Products We Recover

We recover the following by-products to expertly customize various unique products for our customers and partners:

For the Blast Furnace - BOF Route:

Oxide fines, pellet fines or pellet chips, mill scale, C-scrap or C-slag, coke breeze and nut, sinter feed.

For the Direct Reduction - EAF Route: 

DRI-C by-product fines, DRI fines and dusts, DRI clarifier or pond sludge, oxide fines, pellet fines or pellet chips, mill scale, C-scrap or C-slag, sponge iron or DRI-B, Hot Briquette Iron, HBI or DRI-A, HBI and DRI chips.

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Quality Raw Materials

  • DRI-C fines for sinter feed use with high Fe and Fe metallic content. 
  • Mill scale for sinter feed use with high Fe and low impurities. 
  • LD fines or C-scrap fines for sinter feed use with high Fe metallic content. 
  • Iron ore fines and lumps. 
  • Iron units fines for use in the cement industry.
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Recycling Solutions

According to our clients’ needs, we are able to produce a variety of important, cost-effective, and eco-conscious materials, such as:

For the Blast Furnace – BOF Route

  • EcoBriq®: briquetting of by-products including oxide fines, mill scale, blast furnace dust, lime fines, C-scrap, coke breeze, and others to create a feedstock to be used into the Blast Furnace and/or BOF. 
  • Recovered A- and B-scrap from the steel and iron slag. 
  • Concentrated C-scrap to be used as sinter feed. 
  • Recovered pellets, lumps, and coke from old waste accumulations.
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For the Direct Reduction – EAF Route

  • Briquetted oxide fines and DR pond sludge to produce a feedstock for the direct reduction module and get a Reduced iron Briquette (RiB). 
  • Briquetted DRI fines to be used as a feedstock into the EAF. 
  • Recovered remets and HBI/DRI chips. 
  • Recovered DR pellet.


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By-Product Recovery & Recycling

With deep understanding of the potential of by-products, as well of how businesses can alter their practices to help preserve the environment, we apply unique processes to maximize the internal recycling of by-products, creating savings in raw material use, disposal, and logistic cost for companies such as yours.

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Management & Logistics

We understand that one of your main challenges, as a by-product generator or consumer, is dealing with the operations and logistics of raw materials and waste recovery. That’s why we create customized solutions to segregate waste and by-products using efficient and creative operations and logistics.

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Global Trading

We build strategic alliances with companies that provide their expertise in a wide range of specialized areas. With our global presence, we can service your needs anywhere in the world.

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Recycled iron Briquettes (RiB)

Discover our innovative product solutions, including our Recycled iron Briquettes (RiB).

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