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    Global Trading

    We build strategic alliances with companies that provide their expertise 
    in wide range of specialized areas. With our global presence, and access 
    to by-products and materials from across the world, we can service 
    your needs - wherever you are located.

Trading By-Products & Materials on Your Behalf

Looking to recycle and put your by-products to good use without having to stress about cross-border regulations and trading partnerships? Not a problem. That is where we come in!

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We have locations all over the world, in Couva, TRINIDAD – Monterrey, MEXICO – Puerto Ordaz, VENEZUELA – Bridgetown, BARBADOS – Concepción, CHILE – Medina, USA – Madrid, SPAIN, and are able to source and create ideal combinations of in-demand materials and products anytime, anywhere. 

Let us take care of the managing, handling, and trading of your materials and by-products. 

With Diproinduca as your global partner, your “waste” will turn into desired goods.

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By-Product Recovery & Recycling

With deep understanding of the potential of by-products, as well of how businesses can alter their practices to help preserve the environment, we apply unique processes to maximize the internal recycling of by-products, creating savings in raw material use, disposal, and logistic cost for companies such as yours.

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Management & Logistics

We understand that one of your main challenges, as a by-product generator or consumer, is dealing with the operations and logistics of raw materials and waste recovery. That’s why we create customized solutions to segregate waste and by-products using efficient and creative operations and logistics.

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Customized Product Development

Our global team specializes in recovering value from environmental liabilities, and creating customized products that are designed through the recycling of recovered by-products that would have otherwise been deemed as “waste.”

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Recycled iron Briquettes (RiB)

Discover our innovative product solutions, including our Recycled iron Briquettes (RiB).

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