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    Material Management & Logistic

    Improving raw material, by-product handling, operation, and logistics.

We understand that one of your main challenges as a by-product generator or consumer is dealing with the operations and logistics of raw materials and by-product recovery. That’s why we are dedicated to creating customized solutions to segregate waste and by-products through efficient and creative operations and logistics.

Your Secure Handling & Transportation Partners

Dedicated to safety, as well as smooth and reliable material management, we become your partner in the recovery phase, helping you to: 

  • Reduce costs. 
  • Increase the value of your by-products. 
  • Focus on your core business.
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Our experts approach each handling opportunity with great caution and extensive care. We research and innovate to ensure all materials can be transfered and handled, securely and legally. 

We have also developed highly sophisticated procedures for repeatedly checking shipments during the entire handling process. 

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Our Management Services

We offer services to handle raw materials, wastes, and by-products, including screening, crushing, magnetic separation, and logistic services either in trucking, train, or sea transport. Additionally, we offer domestic and international trading of your by-products and raw materials.

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By-Product Recovery & Recycling

With deep understanding of the potential of by-products, as well of how businesses can alter their practices to help preserve the environment, we apply unique processes to maximize the internal recycling of by-products, creating savings in raw material use, disposal, and logistic cost for companies such as yours.

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Customized Product Development

Our global team specializes in recovering value from environmental liabilities, and creating customized products that are designed through the recycling of recovered by-products that would have otherwise been deemed as “waste.”

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Global Trading

We build strategic alliances with companies that provide their expertise in a wide range of specialized areas. With our global presence, we can service your needs anywhere in the world.

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Recycled iron Briquettes (RiB)

Discover our innovative product solutions, including our Recycled iron Briquettes (RiB).

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