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    At Diproinduca, we work with the most updated technologies
    and industrial by-product conversion processes.


At Diproinduca, we are experienced, innovative, customer-oriented, problem solvers, who believe in the recycling of by-products to build a socially responsible and more sustainable world. We understand the challenges your business is facing in terms of by-product management, so we have designed integrated solutions across the globe – in Canada, USA, Mexico, Spain, Trinidad, Barbados, Venezuela, Chile, and Egypt.

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We are your trusted partners in by-product management and alternative raw materials production. Serving the steel, oil, and mining industries for over 30 years, we help companies maintain profitability by maximizing the hidden value in waste and industrial components while being conscious of the impact on the environment and the regulations to protect it.

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we are worldwide

As a global business, Diproinduca has locations all over the world, in Couva, TRINIDAD – Monterrey, MEXICO – Puerto Ordaz, VENEZUELA – Bridgetown, BARBADOS – Concepción, CHILE – Medina, USA – Madrid, ESPAÑA.

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Toronto, CANADA – Headquarters

200 Cachet Woods Court, Suite 214. Markham ON. L6C 0Z8. CANADA. Phone: +1 (905) 709.6275 Fax: +1 (905) 709.4721

Couva, Trinidad

Corner Bryce and La Croix Street, Couva, Trinidad & Tobago Phone: +1 (868) 297.3345 1 (868) 297.3347 Fax: +1 (868) 636.7185

Monterrey, MEXICO

Av. Lázaro Cárdenas No. 2400 Poniente, Edificio Los Soles, Of. C 31‐6, Colonia Valle Oriente San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León C.P. 66296, México Phone: +52 (81) 2164.6970

Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela

Av. Paseo Caroní, Centro Comercial Naraya, Piso 6, Oficina 28. Puerto Ordaz, Edo. Bolívar, Venezuela Phone: +58 (286) 961.1458 Fax: +58 (286) 961.6276

Bridgetown, Barbados

Ground Floor, Edgehill Building Wildey Business Park Bridgetown St Michael, BB14006, Barbados Phone: +1 (246) 271.5366 Fax: +1 (246) 271.5370

Concepción, Chile

Av. Arturo Prat #199, Oficina 1001 – A Edificio Centro Costanera Concepción, Chile Phone: +56 (41) 217.8427

Medina, USA

2528 Medina Road Medina, OH 44256 Phone: +1 (330) 722.4442 Fax: +1 (330) 388.2277

Madrid, España

Calle Ferraz 78, Bajo Derecha Madrid 28008, España Phone: +34 910 470528

Our Commitment to The Environment

Social & Environmental Responsibility

Meeting the standards of environmental responsibility is at the core of our business culture. As a waste disposal, recycling, and repurposing company, we remove and process by-products while safely and fully observing local regulations – across the globe.

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Research & Innovation

Committed to a global change, to leading the charge toward sustainability and a circular economy, we are constantly innovating on our processes and procedures. We are also passionate about creating customized solutions that solve complex problems for our partners and clients from around the world.

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