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At Diproinduca, we are experienced, innovative, customer-oriented, problem solvers, who believe in the recycling of byproducts to build a socially responsible and more sustainable world. We understand the challenges your business is facing in terms of by-product management, so we have designed integrated solutions across the globe – in Canada, USA, Mexico, Spain, Trinidad, Barbados, Venezuela, Chile, and Egypt.

We are your trusted partners in by-product management and alternative raw materials production. Serving the steel, oil, and mining industries for over 30 years, we help companies maintain profitability by maximizing the hidden value in waste and industrial components, while being conscious of the impact on the environment and the regulations to protect it.


Our Commitment to The Environment

We meet the standards of environmental responsibility in recovering and processing by-products safely and according to current legislation. We care about our clients, and we care about our planet.

World Environment Day Drawing Contest 11th Edition

In 2021 we join efforts with the United Nations and World Environment Day focusing on the 17 Global Goals – called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A “Super Global” plan with a vision of a better future for everyone and everything. All of what we have explored and learned for the past ten years is inter-connected with “Global” and the idea that what our planet needs is for us to become global citizens of change..
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